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Do you know Marta? What d'you mean 'Marta who?'! Marta D'Asaro, the creator of the new Simplicissimus Book Farm logo!


One of the new entries in Simplicissimus Book Farm is Marta D’Asaro, who has taken the trouble to become our Art Director. And we put her right to work on the most important thing: our very own face. I wanted this phase, one of big changes for us, to be exemplified by a new face as well, a first glimpse of the rejuvenation, even in terms of design, that we’ll be giving all our sites and all our applications and services. In short, this is also our Easter and our Pèsach: sure, there are problems, but we’re looking towards the future and moving forward.
Above you can see the final result of Marta’s work, that which will be our new logo from now on (although we’ll implement it a little at a time, and it’ll coexist with the old logo for awhile). If you’d like to take a look at a recap of the journey Marta and I made together in order to reach this result, enjoy this nice PDF. And Happy Easter 🙂


Il blog di Antonio Tombolini

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