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Simplicissimus Book Farm, first quarter 2012 revenue


A few months ago on March 8, for the first time, I decided to share with my readers about the revenue trends of Simplicissimus Book Farm during the first two months of 2012, comparing the results with the same period 2011. Rather than emphasizing the actual performance of our company, my goal was to give an idea (through the only certain data we have, i.e., our own) of the explosive nature of the market in which we're operating, and which may even be greater than that which we ourselves are able to catch.
The graph below summarizes the performance of our first quarter 2012 revenue with respect to the same period 2011, considering that the data is indexed by taking the values of January 2011 = 100.
Let me also remind you that Ultima Books reports direct sales to end users of our online bookstore, STEALTH reports revenue from distribution (i.e., bulk sales) on various online bookstores on behalf of the 300 publishers we distribute, while others obviously includes all the rest. A rest which, in view of the recent upswing, will soon be broken down into greater detail (Narcissus, Ultima Kiosk, etc.). Enjoy!


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