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Adventures of a Simpleton, at last


Why the name Simplicissimus Book Farm?
Because when I was twenty I happened to read an awesome novel, Adventures of a Simpleton (Simplicius Simplicissimus), by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen: a true European bestseller. I loved it, and I identified with it so much that since then I used it as my nom de plume for little articles I wrote here and there, then as the name of my blog (since 2002) and finally for my company.
Why can I relate with it so well? Because Simplicissimus is a picaresque character whose name, well-translated into English, would have to be rendered as Simpleton. Well, that’s just how I am, a simpleton, like him.
We finally decided to publish the ebook version of the first magnificent Italian edition, translated by Angelo Treves (1929), with an enlightening preface by Alessandro Zignani.


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