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Diigo Daily 02/21/2009

  • Questo è il vero punto forte di Kindle, e degli e-readers!
    “In many ways, this is true. The Kindle is an unusual gadget in that it does not obviously target young people, or early-adopting technophiles. Instead it appeals to passionate readers, who want no fiddling with cables (the Kindle works without a computer) or complicated pricing plans (Kindle users pay to buy books and other content, but do not have to pay wireless-subscription fees). It is, in short, perfect for older people. The Kindle is a surprisingly “conservative” device, says John Makinson, the boss of Penguin Group, a large book publisher, so it is an additional distribution channel and thus “good for us”. (Penguin is an arm of Pearson, which partly owns The Economist.)”

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  • “So it is not unreasonable to suppose that someone could step in, as Apple did with music, and introduce a comprehensive and easy-to-use shopfront, through which books, newspapers and magazines could be supplied to paying customers. The convenience of having content delivered to devices automatically overnight, and being able to flick quickly between stories at the breakfast table, when underground or on an aeroplane, might be something that people will pay for. If this approach took off, newspapers would no longer depend on advertisers and could wind down their paper editions. (They could also quietly scale back their free websites.)”

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