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Diigo Daily 07/10/2008

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    • If you are willing to satisfy people with good enough, you can make just about everybody happy. If you delight people and create change that lasts, you’re going to offend those that hate change in all its forms. Your choice.
  • “is there any Web 2.0 start-up that doesn’t blithely answer “advertising” when asked about their revenue model?”.
    E’ proprio questo, a tutt’oggi, a costituire il punto debole – e la potenziale “bolla” – di tutto il web 2.0. O si trovano risposte alternative (qualcosa c’è già in giro) o altrimenti scoppia.

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    • The basic paradox of the Internet can be framed very simply:  The very platform that makes advertising both more relevant and more measurable is the same platform that longer-term will challenge and ultimately undermine the basic role of advertising in communicating with customers. 
    • People want to connect with vendors, especially vendors that can address unmet needs, but they will increasingly want to do it on their terms.
    • The focus shifts to becoming more helpful by creating rich, serendipitous environments that people will actively seek out
      • So, where’s the money?  Here’s my answer: to find the money, seek out scarcity.  Abundance in some areas inevitably creates scarcity in others. Attention, reputation and talent become relatively scarce in economies of abundance.  Businesses will be well positioned to charge for their services if they can deliver one or more of the following values:

        • help amplify attention through more effective advice/recommendations
        • foster and protect reputation
        • help amplify talent development through rich learning environments
  • Ho amici che lavorano nel settore, che quando gli dicevo tre anni fa che un business come questo della Guru, nel 99% dei casi, finisce in bancarotta, si sarebbero fatti bruciare il braccio destro pur di testimoniare che no, io non ne capisco niente ecc…

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