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Diigo Daily 07/26/2008

  • “Within five years, technology will obliterate the need for business travel.”
    Speriamo, e magari anche prima! 🙂


  • Stiamo arrivando in (quasi) tutte le Feltrinelli!

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  • KELLY: Here you are wrong. If you hung out online, you’d find out that the language is not, in fact, flattening; it’s flourishing. At this point in history, most of the evolution of language, most of the richness in language, is happening in this space that we are creating. It’s not happening in novels.
    BIRKERTS: I wish some of this marvelous prose could be downloaded and shown to me.
    KELLY: You can’t download it. That’s the whole point. You want to download it so that you can read it like a book. But that’s precisely what it can’t be. You want it to be data, but it’s experience. And it’s an experience that you have to have there. When you go on-line, you’re not going to have a book experience.
    BIRKERTS: Well, I want a book experience.
    KELLY: You think that somehow a book is the height of human achievement. It is not.

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    • The bad dream of DRM continues. Yahoo e-mailed its Yahoo! Music Store customers yesterday, telling them it will be closing for good—and the company will take its DRM license key servers offline on September 30, 2008. Sure, it’s bad news and yet another example of the sheer lobotomized brain-deadness that has characterized music DRM, but the reaction of most music fans will be: “Yahoo had an online music store?”
    • Once the Yahoo store goes down and the key servers go offline, existing tracks cannot be authorized to play on new computers. Instead, Yahoo recommends the old, lame, and lossy workaround of burning the files to CD, then reripping them onto the computer. Sure, you’ll lose a bunch of blank CDs, sound quality, and all the metadata, but that’s a small price to pay for the privilege of being able to listen to that music you lawfully acquired. Good thing you didn’t download it illegally or just buy it on CD! 

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