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Diigo Daily 08/13/2008

  • people are usually surprised when — after they ask me how I love my Kindle or Sony eReader — I sheepishly admit that I don’t own either. They think it’s odd that I wrote a book about eBooks and the future of reading without being a true and devout eBook person. Of course, this is precisely why I think I was a good person to write Print is Dead. I was, and to a certain degree still am, a skeptic of electronic reading and the idea that computer files will one day replace physical books. So even if even a skeptic like me, who treasures books and words, can believe that it’s what’s inside books that count — the words and the stories — then I think that even the most ardent bibliophile may one day see some worth in digital delivery.

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  • Hilfe, mein Joghurt spricht!

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