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Diigo Daily 12/08/2008

  • “When a company speaks of “capturing”, “acquiring”, “owning” and “locking in” customers, they’re treating customers like serfs. What we want to do with VRM is make customers into knights: to arm them with status, respect, armor and weapons. But not to do battle against sellers and their fortifications. Instead, customers and sellers both need to fight against ignorance surronding the idea that the ways they can engage should be limited to the relatively few imagined by today’s CRM systems.”

    tags: vrm, crm

  • In questo hotel di New York l’ospite trova un Kindle a sua disposizione, pre-caricato con un bel po’ di libri, o su cui può caricare i suoi:
    “Kindle available, loaded with your favorite audio book, in keeping with our literary tradition.”

    tags: hotel, Algonquin, kindle, ebook

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