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Tomorrow afternoon I'll be addressing the 57th National Conference of the AIB (Italian Library Association), where we'll obviously be discussing ebooks.
In my attempt to prepare something reasonable for my speech, I dug through the meanderings of my clouds and found a digital memo dated November 6, 2010, which I had kept for myself, in which I tried to answer the question "How can we make a digital lending service work?". It just seemed clear to me that it had to be this way, and yet the world seems to be moving in completely different (and more complex) directions. Nevertheless, today it still seems to me that it just has to be… like I say 😉
Tomorrow I will publicly reintroduce my view, maybe this time they'll succeed in convincing me otherwise 🙂
[Caption: "Alexandria" is the code name I had chosen for the digital lending service for Simplicissimus Book Farm libraries. It's not yet up and running, and the name will probably be changed.]


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