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Odissey – the perfect gift! (if you have to spam, do it seriously – I do)


Cybook Odissey Ultima Books Edition
So you don’t know what to do for Christmas. You don’t know what to give yourself and/or your friends and family.

  1. Go to and order the latest Cybook Odissey Ultima Books Edition.
  2. Wait for it to arrive (no more than three days).
  3. Turn it on and enter your WiFi network data.
  4. Update the software at the first start-up, like the device asks you to do.
  5. Enter your Adobe ID, so you can also read DRM-protected ebooks.
  6. Touch the “Ultima Books” space on the initial screen of your Cybook Odissey (see the photo above) to enter your favorite bookstore directly.
  7. Buy all the ebooks you want, download them and read them whenever you like.
  8. Do the same thing whenever you think of a new book to search for, as long as WiFi is available.

Nice, isn’t it?
Oh, and don’t tell me “but I wanted to get Kindle!” because, mind you:

  1. The latest Cybook Odissey costs a little more (129 euros instead of 99), but it’s better than Kindle (the touch is faster and the screen is identical).
  2. Ultima Books, the bookstore you can access directly from Cybook Odissey, has all the ebooks available in Italian, as many as Kindle and even a few more.

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