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Self Publishing, a workshop for getting down to business


Self-publishing is experiencing something a bit like what happened to ebooks: while many of the experts fiddle around with discussions on the if (will it be a true phenomenon? or is it just an illusion bound to disappear? and so on…), the shrewder ones, from the grassroots, – as we used to say – concentrate on the how. Among the latter there’s a small group of people, led by Mauro Sandrini, who have decided to dedicate an entire day’s work, a workshop, on how to self-publish: the workshop will be held in Marina Romea, in the province of Ravenna (certainly an intriguing venue), on Friday June 15, from 9.30 to 17. Program information is available here.
The outstanding quality is guaranteed (just take a look at the speakers and their references), and we’ve decided to support the initiative with Narcissus.
Anyone who would like to register should be aware that:

  • the deluxe seats (those with a small table in front like a school) are sold out;
  • there are still some standard seats (with the chair but not the table) available;
  • the cost of a standard seat is 80 euros, but our good-natured Mauro has decided that anyone registering from here, strictly following this link and entering the discount code AT01, will enjoy a 10 euro discount and thus pay only 70 euros.

This is a very interesting first go at an experiment which, who knows, could even develop into something more ambitious… we’ll see!

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