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Simplicissimus Book Farm Poland has emerged, our first step out into the world


I am delighted and proud to announce that yesterday, Tuesday March 26, our first company operating on a non-Italian market was founded in Warsaw: Simplicissimus Book Farm Poland Sp. z.o.o., as declared in the official notarial deed.
The sole shareholder of the company is Simplicissimus Book Farm srl (the parent company, in a manner of speaking), while Beata Szilf-Nitka has been appointed CEO of the new Polish company.
So why in Poland?, someone might ask. And within a few weeks someone might also ask So why in Turkey, or in Brazil?
The answer is simple: Simplicissimus has long since embraced the long tail strategy, and it intends to adopt this strategy in the choice of markets on which it operates as well. There is a substantial English-language market, for which many compete, but there are also a very large number of markets in many other languages, often overlooked by most companies. These are precisely the markets we have begun to invest in, and we will continue to do so.


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