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[Disclaimer: This is something I’m involved in, it’s a personal initiative of mine, although it obviously has a lot to do with my professional activity. Activity which in turn, fortunately, has much to do with my ideas and what I believe in and am fascinated with, and so on and so forth in a happily intricate loop 🙂] I decided it would be nice to start a sort of movement (can we call it this?). The directions that the ebook phenomenon is taking are exciting on the one hand, while on the other hand, and in some ways which have nothing to do with the business, they worry me a little.
This is why I set my hand to an early version of a Slow Reading Manifesto, with the idea of getting some things out of it to do together with those who would like to get involved.
For now I’d really appreciate it if anyone interested would leave a comment on the page, then we’ll see what happens.
N.B.: The URL is temporary, I already registered, and as soon as we’re at a more advanced stage everything will end up there, in both English as well as Italian, and then other languages as time goes on.
N.B.2: The logo with the little snail is also entirely temporary, and I hope my Slow Food friends won’t become angry – I’m looking into a different logo, but this is the first that came to mind, and it’s to their credit.


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