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[ATTENTION: The image appears at the end of the post this time in order to keep you in suspense.] is the SelfPublishing platform of Simplicissimus Book Farm. It’s not pretty (I’ll just go ahead and say it, no problem, we all know it), but it works really well. Actually we’d like it to be pretty too, or at least prettier. We’ll redo the site, especially considering the SelfPublishing Festival we’ll be organizing this October (and I’ll give you more details on this soon). In the meantime, and under the guidance of our Art Director Marta D’Asaro, we’ve created (rather than recreated, since we really never had a true logo yet) the logo for Narcissus.
Narcissus is SelfPublishing. Narcissus is for anyone who writes a book. For those who write it and care for it, nurturing it with love. Narcissus is the possibility (and therefore the freedom) to write your own book and publish it, because it’s the readers who decide whether or not to read it, like it or hate it. Narcissus is an invitation and an ode to writing.
So what is the most common, transcendental, archetypal act of writing? What is it that we write when we still don’t know what to write?
The Scribble, that’s what it is! Narcissus wants to celebrate writing by honoring it from its degree zero, from the scribble on.
This is why, beyond my own enchantment with it, the Scribble is the new Narcissus logo:
I literally love it. Great job Marta, let’s move on!


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