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Diigo Daily 11/29/2008

  • “But why are users going through the whole work of digitalizing a single book to post it online? I guess this text will explain us:
    ‘A note to all publishers of books for college level classes:
    Myself and all other students are tired of getting raped by you sorry bastards, rearranging chapters every 2yrs while adding nothing meaningful, just so you can sell more of your shit.
    We agree that you need to be paid fair money for your work, rather than rape us like a cut-rate bitch. Since you don’t see it that way, we are going to put it into terms you can understand. No more money for you. Your shit is gonna be free now, to anyone who wants it in a digital format.
    You are not being fair to students, so we are not going to be fair to you. How you like that dick up your ass? Feels nice, doesn’t it…’
    And when I remember the cost of university books, I can see their point.
    The user who wrote this message has posted so far: 8 books. All college texts.”

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  • Faccio mio il parere qui espresso su Europeana: roba vecchia e costosa, uno spreco inutile.

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  • “Bezos: We humans evolve with our tools—they change us. But our network-connected tools have not kept pace with everything we need. The tools we’ve been building the past couple of decades make information snacking more convenient—I like my BlackBerry; it’s good for e-mail and chunks of text. But you don’t want to read a 300-page novel from a laptop.It’s not comfortable.The Kindle was built for long-form reading.
    SM: So as the Internet shortens our attention span, you think the Kindle will lengthen it?
    Bezos: Yes, I think people will read more, not less.”

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  • Embè, perché prendersela con me se non se la passano bene? Che c’entro io?

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