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Diigo Daily 11/30/2008

  • “So I hope the best and the brightest who will be joining the new president will at least entertain the possibility that a lot of what they think they know is wrong. I trust they’ll remember that successful economic policies in the past have pulled together elements from unlikely sources, and that they’re as likely to find wisdom from reading political economists like Friedrich Hayek or Joseph Schumpeter, or Keynes himself, as from poring over the latest academic paper in a peer-refereed economics journal.”

    tags: crisi

  • Finalmente perlomeno il buon Doc si ravvede, e si esprime contro questa orgia da “stimulus” che sta colpendo tutti, e che mi terrorizza, ben più della stessa crisi in sé: quel che non funziona sia lasciato morire, please, se vogliamo evitare guai peggiori:
    “We’re flailing, and we’re doing it with trillions of non-existent dollars. Spending them risks making them even more worthless than they already are.”

    tags: crisi, doc searls, stimulus, bailout

  • In many ways, Twitter is a re-incarnation of the old Unix philosophy of simple, cooperating tools. The essence of Twitter is its constraints, the things it doesn’t do, and the way that its core services aren’t bound to a particular interface.

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