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The Universal Law of Digital Content: the content is FREE. So what?


Content is Free
Understanding Free Content (clic the image)

There is a law, you could name it a natural law, governing the digital content economy. Well, yes: I discovered nothing less than The Universal Law of Digital Content. Let me reveal it to the masses.

  • The content is so-costly to produce! The better the content, the higher the production cost.
  • Once digital, the cost of replicating the content is 0, zero, zylch, nada.
  • As a consequence, the price of the so-costly-to-produce content tends to zero: the better the content, the higher the replica-rate. The higher the replica rate, the shorter the timespan needed to reach the zero-price point. All in all: digital content, and especially the high-value digital content is FREE.
  • And in fact it is with good reason that, when you speak about something of the highest value (the best content), you say that it “has no price”

And here you’ll find, as a gift of mine, the first corollary deriving from the Universal Law of Digital Content, the so-said Merchant’s Corollary:

  • If you want to squeeze some money out of Digital Content, seek after the packaging, not the content itself.


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